Specifiers, Architects & Engineers


Timber Frame Construction offers many unique advantages over other forms of construction combining modern methods of construction encompassing the advantages of off site construction combined with enhanced construction times.
Timber Frame Manufacturers provide in house timber frame designs which allows the design team to see timber frame designs prior to arriving on site. On complex designs the software can identify potential issues and these can be resolved at the design stage.
Timber construction is the only sustainable form of construction with low embodied energy and all timber is sourced from managed forests.

All ITFMA members are audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), Timber Frame Dwellings and Other Buildings.

Fire Performance

The timber frame industry has conducted extensive fire testing of walls, floors and trusses to EN 1365 at test facilities at Exova Warrington and Effectis in the Netherlands. These details are published in a range of publications by the Department of housing which provide Prima Facia compliance with the building regulations.

All Separating Walls are supplied with factory fitted insulation and with fire rated sheathing in place. This allows for precision construction with the advantages of factory controlled quality procedures.

Thermal Performance

Timber Frame as always been at the forefront of thermal efficiency and modern hybrid wall systems have insulation and air tightness membranes factory fitted. Typically timber wall panels U Values range from Passive to 0.15W/m2K.

In addition the detailing of timber fame systems allow for reduced thermal bridging and corresponding PSI values. This allows BER assessors to calculate and apply enhanced Y Values which will provide better Energy Performance Rating.

Acoustic Performance

The timber frame industry has conducted numerous sound testing which demonstrate that timber frame walls including separating walls and floors all exceed the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Additional upgrades in performance can be easily achieved with the addition of extra plasterboard or indeed high performance flooring.


All timber frame buildings are designed to have a design life in accordance with IS 440 and the Eurocodes with normal maintenance.

On Site

Health & Safety method statements and erecting sequence as well as craneage plan and necessary exclusion zones will be provided prior to arrival on site.

Comprehensive erecting plans and standard details are all provided prior to delivery.

All timber frames are erected by competent and experienced personnel who have been audited by the timber frame company as part of their NSAI registration.

All timber frames are checked with a project specific comprehensive checklist with key junctions photographed and recorded. Timber frame suppliers supply a Ancillary Certificate for their works.


Ultimately Architects, Engineers and other Specifiers have the peace of mind that timber frame buildings will perform as designed for their design life.