Offsite timber frame construction allows homes to be built faster and to a higher sustainability standard compared with traditional construction methods, making them more cost-effective to build and live in.
When you choose to build your home using timber frame you benefit from:
  • Computer-controlled production process guaranteeing the highest quality, accuracy, and energy efficiency of your timber frame home
  • A highly flexible construction system that allows for imaginative architectural design opportunities
  • An efficient build process saving you up to 3 months on other building systems
  • Timber frame offers excellent thermal efficiency, low thermal bridging and excellent air tightness which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice in order to meet the requirements of NZEB.

How the process works for a typical self-build project:

Step 1 | Specification:

  • You will agree a specification and package including a fully itemised quotation and delivery schedule, giving you a full peace of mind.

Step 2 | Design:

  • Once your frozen architects’ drawings are received, your chosen timber frame supplier will commence design on your self- build project.

Step 3 | Approval Process:

  • Once your chosen supplier has finalised their design, they will send you a full set of approval drawings for you and your architect to review and approve.

Step 4 | Manufacturing:

  • Once you have approved the drawings with your architect your chosen supplier will commence with manufacture of your timber frame kit.

Step 5 | Delivery & Erection of kit on site:

  • Before your timber frame kit leaves the factory, it will undergo a thorough and rigorous quality check to ensure your timber frame kit is of the highest quality.
  • Delivery to site will be be co ordinated with the timber frame supplier and your contractor.
  • Your timber frame supplier will erect your new timber frame home to the very highest standards.